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About the Trust

We are associated with SHIVA (Sacred Himalayan Institute of Vedic Alliance) Trust, which came into existence on May 7, 2012 under the Indian Trust Act 1882. The trust circumambulates to enhance social upliftment, spiritual enlightenment, as well as, societal and charitable elevation.

Our purpose of introducing the trust is to revive the idea of holiness and refresh the ancient but priceless values of Hindu culture. We are a charitable trust that intends to spread all the nitty-gritty about Hinduism, Vedic Pujas, and multi-faceted spiritual activities. We’re willing to contribute the significance of Shiva Yoga which proves to be of undoubtable importance.

We emphasize on developing generosity and purity within souls by contributing wholly to religiousness and holistic approaches.

We go ahead with a thought in mind that ‘All Humankind is One’ and it should grow together regardless of different religions, castes, creeds, languages, and cultures. We intend to escalate soulful experiences by steadily diffusing cherished attributes of Indian culture and heritage in the air of the universe.

We focus on managing helpful and spiritual projects to let the devotees lead on a way where they may meet the purest form of their souls and experience, as well as, feel the divine powers to the most significant extent.

May our trust in Almighty grow as the time passes by!



  • SHIVA YOGA - It is the union of the soul with Shiva. Jiva and the Supreme becomes one

  • VEDIC PUJAS - Collection of rituals, performed to appease the Gods & Goddess

  • SPIRITUAL RETREATS - Programs designed around homa, yoga and soul searching

  • SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT - Activities involving rural households to take up sustainable livelihood


Rajeev Kumar



Pursuing an immense interest in almost all the sciences related to Vedas, and curiosity to explore the never-ending sea of Vedic knowledge, he has been bringing out soulful pearls to lighten up the lives of people following the rat race of what we call the ‘Physical World.’

Since his childhood, he has constantly been embracing an inclination towards Vedic rituals and their significance. Going the same way, he groomed & developed himself in performing various methodologies such as Vedic Astrology, Vedic Remedies, Yoga, and Meditation.

Being a staunch devotee of Almighty Shiva and having a keen concern in spiritual activities, he flourished a special interest in the Ancient School of Yoga, i.e., Shiva Yoga. He is constantly moving forward to make the world a divine and blissful place to live in. All the devotional and Vedic activities in the Trust are performed under his supervision.

To spread the thought ‘Whole World is Home’, he aspires to spread his knowledge globally by crossing the conventional barriers of religions, languages, castes, and creeds

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