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About Organization

Sacred Himalayan Institute of Vedic Alliance (SHIVA) is a Trust, registered on May 7th 2012 under the Indian Trusts Act 1882 for wholly public and charitable purposes. Conceived by some Gentlemen of Integrity, its vision and mission are as follows:

Vision: SHIVA Trust envisions taking the people on the path of spiritual, cultural and social upliftment.

Mission: To propagate Indian art, culture and vedic heritage.

Under the aegis of Shiva, activities pertaining to Shiva Yoga, vedic rituals and ceremonies are undertaken. We seek to work for the revival of the vedic culture which is so rich and varied that a whole life-time is not enough to understand its’ intricacies. We strive to propagate the traditional wisdom and philosophy of the Vedic era which for centuries have sustained the minds of sages and spiritual minded.

Meet Our Founder

Rajeev Trilochan
Founder - Shiva Trust

During his childhood days he developed an interest in vedic astrology and vedic rituals. His quest for vedic knowledge led him to the intricacies of yoga, meditation, vedic remedies and related sciences. Being a devotee of lord shiva he supervises all the spiritual activities including Shiva Yoga and aspires to spread the vedic knowledge to the nooks and corners of the world. As per his opinion, any person irrespective of his or her religion, community, caste, creed or sect can get associated with the Shiva. 

Our Offerings

  • Shiva Yoga It is the union of the soul with Shiva. Jiva and the Supreme becomes one
  • Vedic Pujas Collection of rituals, performed to appease the Gods & Goddess
  • Spiritual Retreats Programs designed around homa, yoga and soul searching
  • Social Development Activities involving rural households to take up sustainable livelihood


Lord Shiva and Nandi are inseparable. Nandi, also called Nandikeshvara and Nandishvara, is the name of the gate keeper of Kailasa, the abode of Lord

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