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Temples and Pilgrimage

Popular Shiva Temples in Uttarakhand

To mark divine presence of Shiva in Himalaya a number of temples are built at different heights which are rich in architectural grandeur and lets one feel the existence of that supreme soul inevitably. Here are the most popular Shiva Temples found in Dev Bhumi Uttarakhand which speak about the thousands year old tales connected to this mystical land.

Lakhamandal Shiva temple in Uttrakhand

It is a temple located at a distance of 125 km from Dehradun. Common people and pilgrims visit this unique site for blessings. It is not just an ordinary visit. There are many legendary stories attached to this miraculous abode of Lord Shiva. The name Lakha Mandal means a lakh Shivlingas. The first sight of the temple will surprise you. This is why the temple is visited by common people too. There are Shivlinga of all types. There is small Shivlinga, medium size and even a large Shivlinga resting peacefully in the Himalayan foothills. But you will not be able to see lakh Shivlinga’s, which is said to have existed in the 8th century when this temple was built by the Pandavas.

Pashupatinath Temple - Holiest Temples in the World

It is believed that once Lord Shiva became tired of his old palace Kailashnath atop of The Himalayas moved to Mrigasthali, the forest on the opposite bank of the Bagmati River. Lord Shiva was amazed by the beauty of the site.To remain hidden amongst the Gods he tried to allude them as a deer. Despite pleas from the Gods Shiva used to return and hence the Gods decided to use force to get him back to Kailashnath. It is said that Lord Vishnu grabbed Lord Shiva(Deer) by his horns and shattered the horns into pieces. Lord Vishnu then established a lingam on the banks of Bagmati river with the shattered pieces horn. As time passed temple was buried and forgotten.Later a cow is said to have noticed the Lingam and sprinkled her milk in the buried lingam.