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COVID-19 Relief Services - Donate Food and Support People

In the crisis of COVID-19,The Shiva Trust has started small steps to provide relief by providing food, medicine and other help to the poor and needy people in the state of Uttarakhand. The Trust has begun its relief service by providing packed grocery kits to the marginalised and low-income segment of the society and needy people at old age homes or ashrams. Please join us or support to continue these relief services in this critical time of mankind.

Kashmir Saivism

Kashmir Saivism is the most prominent of the North Indian schools of Saivism, and is thought to have been founded by Vasugupta in the eight century CE. It is named after the region in which Vasugupta is said to have found the Shiva Sutras, which along with the Saiva Agamas form the scriptual foundation of this tradition.

Shaivism or Saivism

Shaivism or Saivism is the name given to a group of religious traditions which regard Lord Shiva as the highest Supreme Self or Brahman and worship Him accordingly. It is considered to be one of the oldest, if not the oldest, sect of Hinduism, whose antiquity is said to be rooted in the prehistoric traditions of ancient India, dating back to the Indus Valley civilization (5000 BC) or even earlier.

Shiva Jnana (Japa & Meditation)

Japa and meditation of the sacred names of Lord Shiva will free you from all sins and lead you to the attainment of Shiva Jnana or eternal bliss and immortality. Shiva-nama is the very soul of all Mantras. Lord Shiva has manifested in the world in sixty different aspects. Vrishabharudha, Hari-hara, Nataraja, Bhairava, Dakshinamurti, Ardhanarisvara, Bhikshatana, Somasekharamurti, Urdhvanatana, Kalasamhara, Jalandhara, Surasamhara, Lingodbhava are His forms.

Mantra Recitation Meditation

The silent repetition of a mantra is another popular technique. The Transcendental Meditation technique involves the repetition of a "personalized" mantra; in Buddhist meditation, there are a number of mantras to choose from. Simply repeat the mantra over and over silently to yourself; when a thought arrives to interrupt the recitation, simply notice the thought, let it pass away, and resume the recitation.