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Vedic Retreats & Holistic Events

Our Vedic retreats include the spiritual activities like Gayatri Mantra, SHIVA Yoga, and other internal practicesthat connect you to your inner self. Holistic events for us are attributes that make you explore your undiscovered sights while using the divine practices as mentioned in Vedic scriptures.

Vedic Pujas

Vedic Pujas performed are being driven in accordance with the ancient scriptures and Vedas. Each and every small spiritual element is given importance while performing Pujas. The purpose of such soulful Vedic Pujas is to purify and enlighten one's true self.

Refined Yoga & Meditation

We at Shiva offer yoga and meditation services for people throughout the world. We let the world understand the deeper insights associated with yoga and meditation practices, SHIVA yoga, and Hatha yoga as well.