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Shri Durga Puja (Path) and Homa - Navchandi or ShatchandiShri

Puja Details

To seek the blessings of Goddess Durga, Shri Durga Path (standard) is considered beneficial. This path requires three priests and takes three days to complete. Homa is an important part of this path along with the worship of Panchang, Shri Durga Yantram and Saptghrihit Matrika.

Devi’s grace is confers absolute success in all worldly undertakings and pursuits. It is she who bestows wealth – both material and spiritual- dispels difficulties, and annihilates the evil ones. Her beauty as well as her valor, is incomparable. Literally ‘Durga’ means one who is difficult to approach. Being the totality of the powers of gods, she is naturally difficult to approach and know. She is impressed by truly devoted Sadakas and confers her blessings to them. Let the blessings of Goddess Durga grace you in all aspects of your life for excellent achievements in both material and spiritual spheres.

This Puja is performed for community welfare, to get rid of fear & accidental death, for great success, salvation, etc. Married women can improve their chances of conceiving a baby boy while unmarried girls can increase the possibilities of finding their prince charming by organizing this path with unquestioned devotion.By organizing the path, any spiritual aspirants can be blessed with wealth, disease free life, good fortune and eternal bliss.






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