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Ganpati Puja and Homa

Puja Details

Puja and Homa are conducted or performed before any new beginning or venture is made to seek an obstacle-free path henceforth. It is believed that even the most unconquerable obstacles magically vanish after performing the Ganpati Puja and Homa and helps ensure success and well-being to the devotees. Ganpati Puja is also popularly performed on Chaturthi's days every month and Ganesh Chaturthi until Ganesh Visarjan. Another one of the best and most promising day to conduct a Ganpati Homa is on Tritiya (third day) of Navratri. The four Dravyas used while performing the Homa rituals are Modaka, popped paddy, and both Durva grass and Samith dipped in Ghee (clarified butter).

Shiva Trust helps devotees conduct hassle-free Pujas and Homams by skilled Vedic professionals. Our priests would ensure that you would attain abundant blessings from God and get rid of all hurdles hampering your progress, if any, and clear your path from unforeseeable obstructions. Most people consider it utterly customary to conduct a Ganpati Puja and Homa before setting up a new business, marriage, Griha Pravesh (house warming), naming ceremony, etc. Also, people who are affected by the ill effects of Kethu Dosh should consider conducting a Ganpati Puja, as He is the planetary overlord of Kethu, to attain his blessings. 

A Ganpati Puja and Homa can also spread peace and positive energy as it helps eliminate all obstacles from the lives of devotees. As God Ganesha (Ganpati) is known as the governor of the Mooladhara Chakra, he symbolizes material prosperity; hence, worshipping and appeasing him can also bring wealth and solve wealth related problems. By overcoming all obstacles in life, the deity helps His worshippers achieve victory, harmony, and success in personal and professional life. 

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