Accompanied by Lord Brahma and Lord Mahavishnu, Lord Shiva is one of the trillions of Hindus. He is believed to have eleven forms of Rudra, and all eleven of the Rudras are worshipped by Hindus. The main benefits of either performing or conducting a Laghu Rudra (Maha Rudra Abhishek) Puja and Homa are that the devotee is blessed with health, wealth, and happiness. Devotees who appease Lord Shiva by performing this Puja can feel safe as the Lord protects and safeguards them from all types of evils and enemies. Their broken bonds and relations will be amended and improved, and eventually, they all find peace of mind and are bestowed with spiritual upliftment. As we all know, Lord Shiva is believed and known to be the demolisher of all evil forces and also the one who, if appeased, can bestow the greatest of miraculous blessings

Category: Power Pujas