Lord Shiva is also known as the Lord of Dance, and his dancing form is known as the Nataraja or Natraja. His dance is likewise popularly known as 'Shiv Tandava.' According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva completed this dance of his to spoil a weary universe and make arrangements for Lord Brahma, initially, the technique of introduction. There are two usually recognized forms of Lord Shiva's cosmic dances, which might be the 'Shiv Tandava' and the 'Lasya.' The Shiv Tandava is the violent and furious shape of dance wherein the Lord is enraged sufficient to open his eye and then break the entire world. On the alternative hand, Lasya is the gentle and diffused shape of sance, that's related to the artwork of introduction wherein the Lord is developing the world. Natraja is understood to bounce on pinnacle of a dwarf who's truely a demon named Apasmara, and the entire dance symbolizes Lord Shiva's victory over lack of expertise and symbolizes the passage of spirit from the divine into the earthly. Natraja is simply a dance posture of Lord Shiva and symbolizes truth on the time of cosmic destruction.

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