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Shiva Trust, being a strong proponent of Lord Shiva, brings to you an avant-garde concept of Shiva Yoga Dham. Shiva Yoga Dham is an abstract idea that lives only in our imagery as a collective dream and devotion. Which we have to turn in to reality. 

With Lord Shiva’s blessings, while leading on the path of spirituality and meditation, we wish to reach an absolute & devout abode that we call in our devotional thoughts as Shiva Yoga Dham. This is a to-be project that would only turn into reality through community fund & efforts. Because a place that reflects the holiness & sanctity of Lord Shiva and holds the essence of the prime mover’s presence cannot be created by a single person or trust, but it demands the joint efforts of humankind.

That’s why we make sure that with every step we take, we may gain the power to turning our dream project into reality.

How Much Time Will It Take to Bring Shiva Yoga Dham from Imagery to Reality?

No dream comes true in a blink of an eye; it asks for efforts and intense devotion to get fulfilled. Similarly, we have set a timeline of 7 years to accomplish this project perfectly. Due to the greatness of the project and its establishment being dependent on community help, we have defined a period of 7 years for us to finally represent it for devotees so that they may adore Lord Shiva with all their heart and energy.

How Will Shiva Yoga Dham Look Like?

Shiva Yoga Dham is perceived to be a tranquil inland, which would be wholly indulged in the Lord Shiva’s element.Situated in the himalayan region, this place having the picturesque backdrop of Himalayas, will not just be a temple, meditation center, or a place of art, but it will be a concoction of Shiva & Shakti.

Through Shiva Yoga Dham, devotes will be able to worship the deity in the form of Ardhnarishwar. Also, for Shiva’s admirers and believers to adore, there will be a grand Shivling (Lingam) with the installation of Shree Yantra or Chakra belonging to Goddess Tripura Sundari who is Lord Shiva’s Shakti.

There will be a library, as well as a research wing for the curators & enthusiasts, who intend to gain knowledge about Shiva Tatva& literature and want to get into research & publishing activities all-related to Adiyogi Shiva, the Patron God of meditation, arts, and yoga.

Amidst the lush greens and tranquil atmosphere in Shiva Yoga Dham, there will be a meditation center for devotees to come, pray and concentrate to absorb Lord Shiva’s blessings wholeheartedly.

At Shiva Yoga Dham, there will also be provisions for devotees to stay, have food, meditate, and perform yoga. And, all the arrangements will be on a non-commercial basis, i.e., one only has to donate willingly, there wouldn’t be any regulation to pay, in order to seek for the arrangements at the Dham.

With Shiva Yoga Dham, we intend to bring humankind to a shared land where all feel equal without getting burdened by the distinctions of rich-poor, black-white, religion, caste & creed. Our purpose is to spread Shiva Tatva & Shiva Yoga Diksha throughout the world & let the devotees witness such a pious ambiance where creator, creations & curators all meld together to attain the eternal truth of life.

To experience this other world full of divinity, we all have to come together and be a part of community efforts &donation so that we get fortunate enough to see Shiva Yoga Dham turning into reality.

So, the devotees, who are interested in being a part of this project, can contact us directly for further details.

Let's come together & create our favorite Lord Shiva’s favorite place on this earth!


Tax Deduction:
Under 80G of Income Tax Act



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