Vision And Mission


At our trust ‘SHIVA,’ we proceed not only to spread the word about Hindu culture, heritage & spiritual as well as religious values but to explore much more.

Our purpose is more abstract and in-depth.

Our Vision

  • To awaken and inspire the soul within.
  • To introduce devotional posers and values to humankind.
  • To spread the significance of Vedic Pujas throughout the world.
  • To enlighten the poser of Yoga and Vedic Remedies.
  • To bring out the understanding & implications of Vedic Astrology.
  • To acquaint the significance of Energy Healing and Vedic Marriages.
  • To make the universe a soulful place to live in.

Our Mission

  • To propagate the knowledge of classical scriptures and Vedas.
  • To establish a world that embraces Indian tradition & culture.
  • To perform religious rites, Pujas, and ceremonies in harmony with Hind culture & tradition.
  • To let the world know how Vedic Pujas are performed and how the Pujas purify the aura all around.
  • To train more volunteers & Swamis to spread the ancient knowledge and values to every ridge and corner of the world.
  • To engage and encourage youth and the new generation to understand and appreciate the Indian cultural heritage, its belongings, and values.
  • To organize and facilitate group discussions, seminars, and demonstrations related to different aspects of Vedic Science, Yoga, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, and other similar sciences.
  • To take responsibility to motivate and encourage women and children belonging to the backward community to opt for the deserved education, be it an urban area or rural.
  • To establish Vedic and spiritual knowledge learning & practice centers in collaboration with higher Vedic research centers of national & international repute for the furtherance of Vedic Sciences primarily in India and worldwide.