Become Volunteer

We welcome you here at SHIVA. Individuals and Orgnizations are invited to become our associates and volunteers.
Individuals or Orgnizations working in fields of Arts, culture, yoga and spirituality can become our volunteer or associate us with a heart to serve can make a difference regardless of age, skill-set or background. The only requirements are eagerness to work with similar activities.

If you are interested in volunteering / association with SHIVA Trust, please email to or contact +91-7465839601 with information detailing as why you want to volunteer / associate SHIVA Trust, your interests and skills. After receiving your information we will contact you with further details and further steps to proceed working together.

Vedic Scholar for Hindu Philosophy Discourse

Must be having Knowledge of Hinduism, Vedas and Advait / Meditation expert to deliver philosophical discourses and well versed in classical Mantras.


Volunteer Yoga Orgnizations / Individuals

We invite Yoga Orgnizations / Individuals to collaborate with us for designing and the certify spiritual classical yoga programs for higher consciousness and self realization on very sacred locations under best scenic environments of nature, for our upcoming yoga, meditation and allied activities.