The term 'Ardhnarishwar' is referred to the divine combination of God Shiva and his companion, Goddess Maa Parvati. A portrait of an Ardhnarishwar can be recognized as half male and half female split down from the middle. Usually, the right part of this divine form consists of a male, i.e., God Shiva, and the left half belongs to the female, i.e., Goddess Parvati.


Accompanied by Lord Brahma and Lord Mahavishnu, Lord Shiva is one of the trillions of Hindus. He is believed to have eleven forms of Rudra, and all eleven of the Rudras are worshipped by Hindus. The main benefits of either performing or conducting a Laghu Rudra (Maha Rudra Abhishek) Puja and Homa are that the devotee is blessed with health, wealth, and happiness.


Lord Mahavishnu is one of the Hindu Trinities and is revered as the protector of the Earth and the beings of Earth. He is regarded as the supreme God who tries and maintains the balance of peace on Earth. Lord Mahavishnu is known to have ten incarnations popularly known as the 'Dashavatars of Vishnu,' and all these incarnations play a key role in eliminating his enemies and other evil forces.


Lord Shiva is also known as the Lord of Dance, and his dancing form is known as the Nataraja or Natraja. His dance is likewise popularly known as 'Shiv Tandava.' According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva completed this dance of his to spoil a weary universe and make arrangements for Lord Brahma, initially, the technique of introduction.


Worshipping Shiva Shakti collectively is pretty useful. A man or woman gets combined benefits of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati which bestows all round Peace, Prosperity & Happiness, and Protection from all kinds of miseries and bad forces in addition to attainment of high levels of religious awareness even while worried in worldly affairs thru this puja.


We at SHIVA, join devotees with our all-experienced priests so that the Shri Yantra Puja can be done all ritualistically. Knowing the importance of this holy Puja, we understand its benefits and perform the Puja with all-warmth and Vedic rituals, be it at the home, office, and any place where positive energy needs to be driven.

Vedic Pujas performed are being driven in accordance with the ancient scriptures and Vedas. Each and every small spiritual element is given importance while performing Pujas. The purpose of such soulful Vedic Pujas is to purify and enlighten one’s true self.


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